Welcome to the home of {SUYM}. We are playing in the UTA league since 2000 - which makes us one of the oldest active clans still around - and have currently three squads (stdAS, iAS, proAS). {SUYM} was founded by Martz and Peebe.

So take a break, drink a beer and check out the excellent stuff we offer here :p

Latest News

03 Feb 2005 by Necroscope
{SUYM} stdAS is no more
After nearly 4.5 years {SUYM} decided to quit stdAS in UTA due to lack of players and interest. We wanna thank all the players who ever played for us and we hope you had such a good time as we have had.

Nevertheless {SUYM} will not completely vanish. We are still operational in proAS, iAS, UT2k4AS and UT2k4ONS.

Show us yer monkey!!

05 Jan 2005 by Necroscope
Happy new year monkies!!!
Well a little late but better late than never. Have a good one all and lets keep the monkies alive another year (must be our 87th or so - I lost count). wink

20 Oct 2004 by Necroscope
And they keep coming...
... welcome to Jackel and Storm who will strenghten our proAS squad. Have fun guys smile

04 Oct 2004 by Necroscope
Clean the cage... new monkie arrived
Welcome to Sirius13 who will strengthen our stdAS squad and also will take part in our UT2k4 squad which is currently being formed. Have fun smile

07 Aug 2004 by Necroscope
AJ becomes new UTA league administrator
Congratulations and good luck! Surely you will do a good job (or we will slap you) laughing

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